Brand Wins & Fails with #TheDress #BlackAndBlue #WhiteAndGold

It’s 2015, which means social media managers and brand marketers are sitting on Twitter feverishly monitoring trending topics for a chance to inset their brand ASAP. I still can’t even believe this happened on the Internet, but here you go. Here’s the brand version. Who do you think did it well? Who didn’t? Decide for yourself. 24HourFitness Cricket CROCS MGM NEST RED RedMang United Nissan Nissan2GE

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David Trahan

David specializes in consumer behavior, branding, and digital and nerds out over airplanes, politics, and architecture. He uses this combination of knowledge at MRY to create participatory experiences that strengthen brands and create measurable business value. His social platform of choice is Instagram (@brooklyknight).